Celebs who've had dentures or veneers

Joe Biden -
The President of the United States positively shines from the podium. Maybe it's because Joe Biden's smile is worth an alleged US$20,000 of dental work. 

George Clooney -
Porcelain veneers and crowns have made George Clooney's teeth larger and whiter, and helped broaden his smile.

Tom Cruise -
Tom Cruise achieves his signature grin by virtue of some handiwork by a skilled orthodontist who realigned his teeth. 

Miley Cyrus -
As a youngster, Miley wasn't so style conscious. But the starlet quickly became aware of her not-so-perfect teeth. 

Nicole Kidman -
In her younger days, Nicole Kidman was not very happy with her bright but slightly buck and gummy teeth. Not anymore!

Ben Affleck -
According to Kate Beckinsale, director Michael Bay insisted Ben Affleck replace his "baby teeth" with a more masculine set. 

Emma Watson - she lost a few baby teeth, which, as if by magic, were replaced by dentures to keep Hermione's smile bright and perfect.

Cristiano Ronaldo -
You don't have to be a movie star to acquire a glamorous smile. Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo scored big time with his new teeth.

Victoria Beckham -
It has to be said that Victoria Beckham doesn't smile much, even though she's rumored to have spent US$45,000 on teeth whitening and veneers.

Zac Efron -
Back in his teens, Zac Efron wore removable braces to reduce the gap between his teeth. Today, they look suspiciously more white than they used to.

Demi Moore -
Demi Moore had her smile transformed with a set of new porcelain crowns and veneers.

Chris Rock -
Chris Rock's mouth makeover reportedly cost US$150,000. That's a lot of bucks for new teeth!

Michael Douglas -
Michael Douglas has matured like a fine wine. But wine can stain teeth. So he had them whitened and straightened to create a wonderfully symmetrical grin.

Nicolas Cage -
His smile is one of the brightest in the business, but there was a time when Nicolas Cage tried to keep his teeth under wraps.

Celine Dion -
Before hitting the big time, Celine Dion had her teeth capped, ostensibly to cover her oversized incisors.

Cher -
According to one Hollywood dentist, "Cher had her teeth orthodontically moved out to give her lips more support."

Hilary Duff -
The story goes that Hilary Duff opted for a full set of veneers after chipping a tooth on a microphone.

Colin Firth -
Colin Firth looked perfect as Mr. Darcy in the 1995 British television drama 'Pride and Prejudice.' But that's after he opted for a set of new teeth. 

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