Christmas gift ideas for senior citizens

Aromatherapy oil burner -
Using an aromatherapy oil burner fills a room with natural scent that improves mood and promotes a sense of relaxation. 

Foot massage slippers -
The elderly can stay comfortable and fashionable with a pair of foot massage slippers. 

Pendant alarm -
If your elderly loved ones haven't already got one of these, make it a priority Christmas gift. 

Amazon Echo and Alexa devices -
With a Wi-Fi connection, these voice-operated devices are at your command.

Automatic card shuffler -
Playing cards with a group is a great leveler, whatever your age.

Window bird feeder -
This is wonderful Christmas gift idea for elderly individuals who appreciate nature but don't have a garden.

Single-serve coffee maker -
This useful household item takes the effort out of seeking high and low for coffee grounds and filters.

Jigsaw puzzle -
Similarly, a jigsaw puzzle engages cognitive skills and can be solved together over a cup of tea or suchlike.

Air fryer -
An air fryer doesn't actually fry. Instead, the food goes into a perforated basket and the machine cooks the food by blowing hot air around it.

Massage pillow -
A stiff aching back or neck can benefit from a heated massage pillow.

E-reader -
Reading is a practical and rewarding way to keep elderly minds occupied.

Digital picture frame -
A digital picture frame makes a wonderful gift for the elderly given that you can upload photographs of family and friends.

Throw blanket -
Keeping warm and comfortable during the long winter months is made easier with a lightweight pure wool throw blanket—or two!

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