Colorful and vibrant vegan cuisine

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Winter salad option: Salads can be enjoyed all year round. But as the nights draw in.

Salad with chia seeds: Chia seeds add a little crunch to any salad, and pack in the nutrients as well.

Don't forget the wine: Add a dash of red or white wine to a bowl of steamed broccoli

Mexican tomato, bean, and bell pepper soup: A hearty and warming soup from Mexico scattered with kidney beans.

Quinoa salad with beetroot and spinach: But why not get creative by preparing your next salad using quinoa as a base ingredient.

Chickpea stew and vegetables: Chickpeas are high in protein and a great source of carbohydrates and fiber.

Grilled vegetables: By grilling vegetables, you retain more nutrients while naturally enhancing the flavor. 

Pumpkin salad: Pumpkins are forever, not just for Halloween. Use this highly nutritious fruit in all your cooking.

Healthy vegan lunch bowl: Use quinoa with avocado, sweet potato, tomato, spinach, and chickpea for a delicious superfood hit.

Fresh salad plate: A healthy and wholesome staple, a fresh salad can include horse radish, tomato, onion.

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