6 Common Infections We Wish Never Existed

An Awkward Silence: Chlamydia is a classic silent disease. Most people who contract it are asymptomatic or experience only subtle symptoms.

Dermatophytes Feeding on My Keratin: From head to toe, every inch of skin on the human body is susceptible

A Sensation of Sand in the Eye: hat gritty, grating feeling of bits of sand rubbing against the eyeballs is a common symptom of conjunctivitis.

O(h)-titis, a Blight in the Ear: The sight of yellowish-green fluid seeping out of the ear is alarming, and in many cases.

Bleeding Gums: As I write, bacteria are working their way into your gums, if they aren’t there already.

Viral Gastroenteritis to Spite Us: Stomach flu, "winter vomiting," "traveler’s diarrhea"—affectionate names for what is known clinically as viral gastroenteritis.

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