Common misconceptions about different world religions

All Christians believe in the same thing: From Catholics to Protestants and Orthodox Christians, indeed Christians are divided into hundreds of denominations.

Jesus was born on December 25: Although most Christians celebrate December 25 as the birthday of Jesus.

Christianity is anti-science: Christianity is often stereotyped as being anti-science.

The Bible was written by Jesus: The Bible is actually a collection of many books that were written by multiple, mostly unknown authors.

Christians aren't allowed to have fun: A common misconception is that Christians aren't allowed to have fun.

Christians go to church only on Sundays: While the majority of Christian denominations hold church services on Sundays.

Jews can't be buried in a Jewish cemetery if they have a tattoo: While there is a phrase in Leviticus (19:28) that opposes tattoos.

Jews believe in heaven and hell: Jews don't believe in hell. Instead, some believe in Gehinnom.

Jews can't work on the Sabbath: Shabbat falls between sundown on Friday and an hour after sundown on Saturday. 

Jews can't eat pork: Eating pork is only prohibited for Jews who keep kosher, which is a choice that not all Jews make.

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