Clever cookie recipes for the adventurous home baker

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Chocolate crinkle cookies: -These thick, fudgy cookies achieve their dramatic crinkles by being rolled in powdered sugar.

Ricotta cookies: -These Italian cookies include ricotta in the dough and simply melt in your mouth. 

Matcha cookies: -These matcha cookies look incredible and taste fantastic, too! Browning the butter in a pan adds to the soft gooey texture.

Coconut macaroons: -Macaroons look impressive but are surprisingly easy to make. 

Snickerdoodles: -These classic sugar cookies are made extra chewy by adding cream of tartar to the dough.

Strawberry shortcake cookies: -These soft, fluffy cookies use fresh strawberries in the mix and are stuffed with a sweet cream cheese filling.

Lemon butter cookies: -These lemon butter cookies offer the perfect contrast between sweetness and tartness. 

No-bake oatmeal cookies: -These easy-to-make cookies are almost impossible to get wrong! Simply heat a combination of sugar.

Butter pecan cookies: -These buttery, brown sugar cookies are salty and sweet thanks to the added.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies: -Whether it's pumpkin season or not, why not throw that leftover can of pumpkin puree into your cookie. 

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