Countries that are more obese than the US

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Federated States of Micronesia: - In this country made up of 600 different islands in the western Pacific Ocean

Kiribati: - In this island nation located in the Central Pacific Ocean, 72.3% of the population is overweight.

Jordan: - In this Arab state on the East Bank of the Jordan River, obesity is a critical health concern. 

Palau: - This archipelago—made up of over 500 islands—has a staggering obesity rate of 47.1%. 

United Arab Emirates: - This Arab country on the Persian Gulf has an obesity rate that is double the global average. 

Tuvalu: - In this independent nation comprised of nine islands in the South Pacific, 72.1% of the population is overweight.

Egypt: - In 2017 it was estimated that 35% of Egyptian adults are obese and over 10% of children are overweight.

Qatar: - This small Gulf nation known for its modern architecture and futuristic skyscrapers is also a country.

Marshall Islands: - This chain of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean between the Philippines.

Belize: - In this small nation on the eastern coast of Central America.

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