Creative ways to use up extra apples

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Migraine relief: -There are studies to suggest that the smell of green apples can actually reduce the symptoms of a headache or migraine.

Facial scrub: -You can also mix grated apple peels with brown sugar for a quick DIY.

Face mask: -As mentioned, apples are rich in pectin, a soluble fiber that also helps to promote and maintain collagen in the skin.

Keep baked goods moist: -If you’ve baked a cake or cookies and you want to avoid them drying out, store them in a container.

Ripen other fruit: -An apple that’s gone bad doesn’t have to go straight into the trash. 

Soak up salt: -We’ve all accidentally oversalted a recipe. It can completely ruin hours of labor over a hot stove. But don’t fret: there’s still hope.

Motion sickness aid: -The magic of apples doesn’t stop there. There’s also evidence to suggest that green apples.

Applesauce: -Applesauce is an incredibly simple and versatile preserve.

Apple vodka: -Add a couple of sliced apples to two cups of vodka in a sterile jar. 

Apple candles: -Choose an apple that has a relatively flat base and doesn’t roll around.

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