Creative ways to use up your ripe avocados

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Avocado salad dressing: -Similarly, avocado makes a great base for a salad dressing. Mix with yogurt, lime, and coriander for the perfect refreshing salad.

Chilled avocado and cucumber soup: -For something a little more unusual, try a chilled avocado and cucumber soup when it's hot outside.

Avocado scrambled eggs: -If you've got some browning avocados to use, try mashing them up and mixing them with eggs.

Baby food: -Avocados are ideal for making healthy homemade baby food.

Creamy pasta sauce: -Avocado's naturally creamy texture makes it ideal for creating lighter, fresher versions of traditional pasta sauces.

Avocado fritters: -Avocado fritters or avocado fries are a delicious crispy snack.

Green smoothie: -If your avocados are going bad, throw them in a smoothie mixed with leafy greens and fruits like banana or pineapple. 

Avocado ice-cream: -Move over pistachio, there's a new weird green ice-cream in town.

Avocado pesto: -Blend avocado with basil and pine nuts for a decadent and creamy pesto sauce. 

Vegan avocado mayo: -Why not go all the way and just make avocado mayonnaise! Blend avocado with olive oil.

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