Cruise ship tips you need to know

Check in online -
Doing this will speed up the whole process. Port authorities usually require cruise lines to submit passenger lists about an hour before they leave.

Board early -
Arrive early, board early, and have more free time to explore the ship before it gets crowded

Take a backpack or carry-on bag - Pack all the essentials for the day, as it can take a while before you have access to your luggage.

Skip the elevators -
These can be very busy, especially during the first day, so make use of the stairs if you can.

Book specialty restaurants -
The first night can be perfect to try a specialty restaurant. Some cruise ships offer good deals for the first bookings.

Try the spa -
Make the most of the spa, as usually there are discounted deals on your first day aboard the cruise ship.

Settle in -
Settle into your room. Unpack and familiarize yourself with everything.

Free booze -
Some cruise ships do offer complimentary Champagne on the first day abroad. Enjoy i

Stay awake -
Stay awake and active during your first day aboard. Attend all the meetings and briefings.

Check the menu -
Dinners at the main dining room are preplanned, so check the menu. 

Order room service -
While restaurants are great, sometimes having some food in the privacy of your cabin can be exactly what you need.

Research where you're stopping beforehand - Learn more about your ports of call and what you want to see and do in them.

Carry sunscreen, a hat, and water - These are must-haves if you're visiting a sunny destination.

Basic items you should carry -
In addition, things such as comfortable shoes, a band-aid, and a swimsuit might come handy.

Learn some local phrases -
These can go a long way, so it's always a good idea to learn how to say a few basic things in the language of your ports of call.

Carry small bills -
These always come handy when it's time to buy a coffee or leave a tip.

Pack a power strip -
Especially if you have various electronic devices. Cabins usually have a maximum of two sockets.

Pack basic medicine -
Pack common medicine. This way you'll avoid having to go look for a pharmacy at your port of call.

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