Cruising America most haunted roads

Clinton Road, Passaic County, New Jersey: Among the spooky stories associated with Clinton Road is the tale about a ghost boy who throws back coins.

Shades of Death Road, Warren County, New Jersey: A two-lane rural highway of about 9.5 km (6 mi) in length, Shades of Death Road really does exist.

Kelly Road, Ohioville, Pennsylvania: The bad aura that pervades Kelly Road is enough to turn normally passive and harmless wildlife into rabid.

Route 2A, Maine: A song called called 'A Tombstone Every Mile' was written about Route 2A, described as Maine's most dangerous road.

Mona Lisa Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana: Mona Lisa Drive is found in New Orleans' City Park.

Zombie Road, Wildwood, Missouri: Officially called Lawler Ford Road, but also known as the Al Foster Trai.

Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts: Innocuous as it may look, especially when illuminated at night by neon.

Route 44, New York: The section of US 44 that snakes through the Shawangunk Mountains in New York state is apparently the ghosting ground of a red-haired hitchhiker.

Boy Scout Lane, Stevens Point, Wisconsin: Urban legends associated with this isolated road include the fictional massacre of a troop of Boy Scouts by their group leader.

Blood Alley, Nevada: US 93 has the dubious honor of being the most dangerous highway in the United States.

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