A cultural and scenic perspective of Poland

Warsaw: Warsaw, Poland's historic capital, stands on the Vistula River.

Old Town Market Square: What better way to begin seeking a perspective on Poland than by exploring the city's historic center.

Copernicus Science Centre: Let them loose in the fascinating Copernicus Science Centre.

Museum of the History of Polish Jews: Poland's Jewish heritage is celebrated—and commemorated—with this excellent cultural facility.

Palace of Culture and Science: Completed in 1955, the Palace of Culture and Science stands as a monumental reminder of Stalinist-era architecture.

Wilanow Palace: Dating back to 1696, this former royal palace located in the Wilanow district of Warsaw.

Warsaw Uprising Museum: Dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising, this extraordinary museum chronicles the courageous effort by the Polish underground.

Royal Castle: Warsaw's Royal Castle is one of the most distinguished buildings in the Polish capital.

Lazienki Park: Residents and visitors alike unwind in the serene surroundings of Lazienki Park. 

Wieliczka Salt Mine: Away from Warsaw, the rest of Poland greets visitors with a collection of truly remarkable destinations.

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