Delicious sandwich recipes to keep lunch interesting

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Condiments: - Use good butter and condiments to improve flavor and add moisture. 

Chickpea salad: - This vegan sandwich recipe from Oh She Glows will make you forget all about tuna.

Or improve mediocre bread: - It also suggests that if you only have sub-par bread at hand.

Tomato sandwich:- Saveur recommends keeping it simple with sliced tomato and mayonnaise on toasted bread.

Use quality vegetables: - Using high-quality vegetables adds flavor. It's a good idea to add slaws, pickles.

Season your sandwich: - Sea salt, black pepper, and olive oil are obvious seasonings that can improve the flavor of sandwiches.

Tofu banh mi: - Take some inspiration from Vietnam. 

Provençal tuna sandwich: - Saveur suggests revitalizing your standard tuna mayonnaise sandwich.

Smoked eel with onion pickle: - Great British Chefs suggests this recipe from Jeremy Lee.

Use good bread: - Serious Eats shares a guide to making a better sandwich that reinforces that the start to any good.

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