Decadent desserts that are healthier than you think

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Baked or grilled fruit desserts: -Grilling or baking fruit can turn it into a delicious dessert on its own. 

Frozen fruit pops: -While fruits contain sugar, they are also rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

Ice-cream sandwiches: -Ice-cream sandwiches are a favorite, but we all know that ice cream and cookies are not the healthiest combo.

Truffles: -Chocolate truffles can actually be heathier than you think.

Apple crisp: -Apple pie is a favorite, but pie crusts (particularly the ready-made versions) are packed with fat and preservatives. 

Banana split: -Sure, if you order a banana split it will most likely come with a lot of unhealthy toppings, including whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Oatmeal cookies: -You can't beat the aroma of freshly-baked cookies, nor the taste! Sure, cookies are usually synonymous of sugar.

Dark chocolate bark: -Dark chocolate is not only delicious, but consuming it also comes with plenty of benefits.

Chocolate:- covered strawberries -Chocolate-covered strawberries are among the most romantic of desserts. 

Chocolate mousse: -This classic dessert is also a caloric bomb. Made with ingredients such as chocolate.

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