Discover your zodiac sign's power color

Silver - They are colors of both perceptiveness and purity

Pink - Both pink and light blue make a Libra loving and soft. These light colors make a Libra have both a calming and likeable presence.

Blue - The color blue encourages the creativity of an Aquarius, and helps to balance its restlessness.

Green - The color green is linked to both nature and growth. It also symbolizes the fields that the Bull lives in.

Red - The color red signifies passion, energy, and drive. Aries have a natural enthusiasm for life, and red is a color of both excitement and assertion.

Gold - Gold is a warm, positive color. It emits prestige and class, and has always been a symbol of power.

Brown - Gray and brown both assist a Capricorn in finding the best and most practical path in life.

Purple - The color purple allows the philosophical mind of a Sagittarius to be more open and enlightened.

Yellow - Yellow is a bright and spirited color. It's both inspiring and exciting, just like a Gemini.

Black - The color black is associated with mystery. A Scorpio is often very inquisitive and focused.

Gray - Gray symbolizes the simple and straightforward nature of a Capricorn.

White - White and silver are both pure and clear colors. They represent both the surface of water, and that of the Moon.

Green - Both brown and green allow a Virgo to focus on being better.

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