Disturbing consequences of eating avocados

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Driving an economy: Contrary to what some believe, the commodity that is feeding American obsession and driving Mexico’s economy

Destroying ecosystems and hurting locals: Many major UK supermarkets source their avocados from Chile’s

Global demand has skyrocketed: Since being declared a superfood and becoming a breakfast obsession, global

Avocados are especially thirsty: Not only do they require more water than other produce twice as much as oranges

Illegal activity: The plantations reportedly installed illegal pipes diverting water from rivers to irrigate their crops. 

A vicious cycle: Avocados suck up a lot of water, worsening Mexico and California’s droughts and heatwaves, which makes it harder to grow avocados

Many moving parts of the industry: Firstly, there’s the environmental impacts that come from the energy, water, fertilizer, and pesticides required to grow avocados.

Then there’s the export: The resources used for packaging, as well as the energy used in processing, transporting, and keeping the avocados cool are other impacts

One big problem fueling environmental impact:  Avocados are most popular in areas where they aren’t grown, like North America and the UK, meaning they are imported.

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