Do you dare cross the Devil's bridge

Its origin date is unknown - The structure is estimated to date back to the Medieval period, particularly as it exhibits traditional Medieval architecture.

The wrong place at the right time - The night was bitter cold and stormy, and the bandit, who no longer had faith in God, called upon the Devil, invoking him at exactly midnight.

A deal with the Devil - The bandit said he needed help to cross the frightening canyon of the raging river, and hastily promised his soul in return.

One condition - The pact was made on the condition that the bandit should walk straight ahead, and never look back.

He did as he was told - The bandit ran across the bridge as fast as he could, without looking back. 

He went to a priest - He sought out a virtuous priest who had a parish in the lands of Montalegre, a nearby municipality in the north of Portugal. 

The good priest liked a challenge - Disguising himself as a farmer, the priest set off under the cover of night into the mountains and down to the Rabagão river. 

Satan retreated! - The Devil screamed and the ominous black shape quickly disappeared, leaving the air full of an acrid, thick vapor smelling of fish and sulfur.

Good triumphed over evil - Since then the "Devil's Bridge" has remained, majestic and picturesque, perched over the banks of the Rabagão.

Fertility blessings -
Legend has it that if a woman hasn't been able to conceive, or if she is pregnant but foresees a difficult or dangerous birth.

The baby's new godparent! - Everyone waits for the first person to cross the bridge, who then becomes the godfather or godmother of the child.

What if no one crosses the bridge? - The trip to Misarela should be repeated until the proper conditions are met

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