Do you talk to yourself Here's what science says about it

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Auditory learners speak to themselves to learn:The people who learn through sound tend to repeat directions back to the person who gave them so they can remember.

Everyone remembers better by saying something aloud: It helps everyone remember something if they read it aloud instead of reading it in their inside voice.

Thoughts and speech connected: Once we’ve learned to connect our thoughts to our speech, we tend not to do it as muc

Explanation?: In the early 20th century, Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky proposed that we speak out loud

It stops you from being distracted: Conversely, if people use their speech to direct their actions.

It's a motor command: Speaking out loud to nobody is an extension of our inner dialog. 

Self-talk aids concentration: It can help us to concentrate, depending on what we’re saying. 

Other reasons for self-talk: There are plenty of reasons why speaking out loud can be helpful for adults. 

Inner thoughts become verbal like sentences: After that, inner speech emerges, and our thoughts become more like verbal sentences.

Self-talk and visualization: There are also implications for speaking out loud and how we visualize things. 

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