Don't make these airport mistakes

Not checking in online: Most airlines allow you to check in 24-48 hours ahead of time.

Not checking your flight status before leaving home: Though you might be filled with a blinding excitement, you should remember to check the status of your flight.

Cracking jokes at security: For some reason, when under the pressure of time and scrutiny.

Wearing the wrong clothes: If you’re leaving a snowy winter to fly somewhere tropical, don’t wear your parka, boots, and sweaters to the airport.

Wearing the wrong clothes: Additionally, avoid dressing exactly for the beach weather at your destination.

Not bringing a refillable water bottle: It’s good for the environment, your own health, and your wallet, since airport water bottles are monstrously overpriced. 

Not giving yourself enough time: Sure, you no longer have to arrive three hours early, but you should still arrive with time to spare.

Paying for extra baggage: If you really think you need to pack more things don’t wait until you get to the airport to pay for a second bag.

Not having proper paperwork for your kids: Most people aren’t aware that many countries require additional paperwork when traveling with children.

Assuming you’ll find an outlet: Sure you might find an outlet in a gate far from yours, but it’s probably filled.

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