Essential LGBTQ Movies

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BPM: Writer-director Robin Campillo and his co-writer Philippe Mangeot based this film on their own experiences in the ACT UP movement in the 1990s.

Boys Don’t Cry: Long before the world at large awakened to what transgender means.

Call Me by Your Name: Mainstream movie audiences have never had an easy time with love scenes between two men — until Luca Guadinigno’s sumptuous adaptation of André Aciman’s novel.

Cruising: To say that William Friedkin’s thriller about a serial killer targeting gay men in New York was controversial would be putting it mildly.

Bound: Before the Wachowskis had the financial pull to film big-budget dreamscapes like The Matrix trilogy.

The Celluloid Closet: A page-to-screen take on Vito Russo’s seminal book regarding LGBTQ representation (and misrepresentation) in the movies.

The Boys in the Band: William Friedkin’s take on Mart Crowley’s popular 1968 off-Broadway play already felt a little dated when it came out a year after the Stonewall riots.

Angels in America: A modern-American epic set amid the mounting AIDS crisis of the Reagan era.

Carol: Director Todd Haynes’ adaptation of a Patricia Highsmith novel centers around two women — unhappily married socialite Carol.

Brokeback Mountain: Two cowboys — the stoic Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) and the slightly more social Jack Twist.

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