Essential travel bag items

Passport - Your most important travel document should be stored safely away from wandering hands. Depending on your journey, 

Clothes - Try not to overpack. Instead, work with light layers and warm layers—quality clothing that's a comfortable fit and easily stored.

Underwear - If you're traveling in winter, thermal underwear works wonders! Otherwise, whatever's comfortable. 

Medicines - Travelers taking prescribed medicine should make sure they have enough to cover the duration of their trip. 

Running shoes -
A well broken in pair of running shoes is a must-pack travel item. I

Sunscreen - Another very useful item for your backpack and of course, an essential accessory if traveling to a hot, sunny destination.

Flashlight - Don’t always count on the light built into your mobile device: a flashlight is far more powerful. Get one with a waterproof casing.

Water bottle - Out in the field a fresh water supply is vital. Pack a metal water bottle. These are long lasting and less susceptible to damage.

Cheap backup cell phone - Purchase a cheapo pay-as-you-go cell phone for emergency use. Alternatively, pack a spare SIM card that works abroad.

Sunglasses - Even when it’s cloudy, quality eyewear counts. They'll ensure that your vision is clear no matter what. 

Gloves/hat/scarf - Climate and prevailing weather conditions largely dictate the need for items like these. Though a hat is always useful.

First aid kit - An essential packing item, frankly. You never know when you might need it.

Towel - These can be cumbersome, so opt for a microfiber towel that’s easily folded and stored away.

Painkillers - Headaches, muscle aches, period pains… these irritable symptoms can ruin your day. Make sure to keep some painkillers handy just in case.

Box of matches -
Being able to light a match can sometimes mean the difference between staying cold and wet or drying out in front of a warm fire.

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