Everyday pleasures that will make you happy

The smell of coffee in the morning: For fans of the hot drink, there's nothing better than starting the day like this.

It's Friday:  The beginning of the long-awaited weekend.

That's my song:  When the DJ plays your favorite song.

The first day of vacation: That feeling of wanting to embrace the world, of having time to know places and to do a million things.

Finishing a marathon: Anyone who finishes a long-distance race feels like a winner, even when coming last.

Popping bubble wrap: Why is it so pleasurable and addictive.

Playing the game: Successfully flirting with someone beautiful.

Receiving messages: When you're interested in someone and they send you messages! To discuss it with a friend is also a part of the ritual, obviously.

The first date: When it's good for both of you! It's that inner joy that must be kept inner and not made too obvious, right.

Watching a TV or movie marathon: Non-stop episodes of your favorite show or watching one movie after another.

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