Explore Europe's cute little countries

Malta - Malta is a jewel of the Mediterranean, a tiny island drifting between Italy and North Africa.

Andorra - More microstate than country, Andorra is jointly ruled by Spain and France. Its biggest sell is perhaps tax-free shopping.

San Marino - Like Andorra, San Marino is another microstate, found on the Italian Peninsula. It's the third-smallest country in Europe.

Vatican City - Technically the smallest country in the world, it's more accurate to call Vatican City an independent city-state.

Luxembourg - Luxembourg is another country with a long, storied history. Capital Luxembourg City is a great center, but the fun doesn't stop there.

Liechtenstein - The sixth-smallest country in the world doesn't even have an airport, but Liechtenstein is still a luxurious place to visit.

Montenegro - This tiny mountainous country is close to Croatia, and filled with amazing activities for explorers.

Albania - The country also has a rich heritage, with ancient castles and churches situated in the capital Tirana.

Republic of North Macedonia - The landlocked nation may miss out on beaches, but it has an ancient cultural history that dates back to the sixth century.

Wales - To some, Wales may sit in England's shadow, but there are plenty of reasons to visit this small and friendly country.

Slovenia - A trip to Slovenia is sure to be successful. Capital Ljubljana has castles atop mountains, farmers' markets, and a treasure trove of cafés and eateries.

Cyprus - Cyprus has a Turkish north and a Greek south, and that duality makes it a dynamic destination for a vacation.

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