Family-friendly games to play at home

Pass the parcel -
Wrap up a gift. Then again. Then again. Then keep doing so. The parcel is passed around. Whoever unwraps the final layer of paper keeps the gift!

Musical chairs -
Turn on some music, then hit pause. Whoever is left standing last loses, then remove a chair every round. The winner is the one who snags the last seat!

Word association -
You each say a word, and then the next player says a word that it reminds them of. Expect random and hilarious results!

Dress up -
Try to think of a character per person, and then try to emulate their appearance as best you can!

Tickling -
This will be fun for some, infuriating for others. The winner is obviously the most resilient person!

Balancing -
Try balancing something on your head, and timing it. Whoever can do this for the longest time wins the game!

Quiz -
There are many different forms of quiz games. Online, video games, and board games. Decide which works best for you!

Interactive games -
Try playing some interactive and voice-activated games. If they also happen to be educational, all the better!

Caricatures -
Nobody expects professional standards, but why not try drawing caricatures of each other? Try to keep them as inoffensive as possible!

Croquet -
A great family garden game which is easy to set up and play, croquet can be enjoyed by people of any age.

Pictionary -
Guessing what someone is drawing can be easy, or it can mean a lot of shouting and exasperated expressions!

Twister -
If you are social-distancing within your own household, best to avoid this one. If not, then it will be as fun as usual!

Pin the tail -
The classic game of pin the tail on the donkey is more likely to result in your family laughing at you than anything else. But that's the point!

Guess the food -
Put a blindfold around your opponent's eyes and get them to guess what you are feeding them. Don't be cruel when feeding them!

Truth or dare -
What's great about this game is that it can be adapted to any crowd, so while it worked in college it can also work in a family setting.

Monopoly -
This classic game remains a firm family favorite after many decades. Just be careful not to take it too seriously!

Chess -
A game of skill and strategy, learning to play chess is always a useful thing. Try not to show off if you are a great player!

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