Famous brand names used as verbs

Hoover -
Tell anyone you're going to "hoover," and they'll immediately figure you have a vacuum cleaner at hand.

Google -
To "Google" is to search for something on Google, the world's most popular search engine.

Zoom -
If you're going to Zoom, you're going to engage in videoconferencing.

YouTube -
To YouTube is to create content, watch videos or listen to music, sometimes for hours, on YouTube.

Photoshop -
To photoshop something is to edit or manipulate a graphic or an image.

Xerox -
To Xerox something is very often the default way of saying "to photocopy something."

FedEx -
If a package has to be shipped overnight, you'll probably need to FedEx it. 

Instagram -
To "gram it" is to make a post on Instagram.

Uber -
In the German language, Über is a word meaning "over," "above," or "across." But for most of us, ubering is all about taking a ride or getting something delivered.

Skype -
To Skype is to make a video call, message someone, or transfer a file.

Netflix -
When you "Netflix and chill," you're crashing out on the sofa and streaming a movie or television series. Perhaps accompanied...

Twitter -
To tweet is to follow post a message on Twitter.

WhatsApp -
To WhatsApp somebody is to send a message, photo, video, etc. using the WhatsApp app.

Dropbox -
To Dropbox is to store or share files— photographs for example, or documents.

Airbnb -
We "Airbnb'd" our vacation home, that is we booked a holiday using rented accommodation.

PayPal -
PayPaling it is to process an online money transfer, either by sending or receiving funds.

Facebook -
Billions of people around the world "Facebook" each other using Facebook.

FaceTime -
To FaceTime someone is to use the FaceTime app to chat with family and friends.

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