Famous musicians who can’t read sheet music

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Michael Jackson: -Though he was singing from a young age, Michael Jackson reportedly never learned to read music! He would sing everything out instead.

Jimi Hendrix: -Jimi Hendrix is hailed as the greatest guitar player in the history of rock.

Eric Clapton: -Eric Clapton is famed for his guitar skills, but he mentioned in his autobiography that he was nervous to perform with the late Aretha.

Paul McCartney: -This famed Beatle helped create some of the most iconic songs in pop rock history.

Eddie Van Halen: -Late glam-rock legend Eddie Van Halen did actually go to piano lessons as a child, but he claimed that he would fool.

Prince: -Prince is one of the most beloved and prolific musicians of his era, and despite knowing how to play 27 instruments.

Lionel Richie: -The hitmaker reportedly learned to play piano by watching his grandmother play, picking up notes by ear.

Miles Davis: -Miles Davis is probably the most innovative and celebrated jazz musician of our time, and though he was enrolled in Juilliard in the 1940.

Bob Dylan: -Folk legend Bob Dylan’s style of song has inspired so many musicians who have surely studied his every note.

Elvis Presley: -That’s right, the King of Rock and Roll couldn’t read sheet music.

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