Fascinating photos of foods before they are harvested

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Capers: -This is not what you imagine when you think of a caper, but this flower is actually the result of a caper gone un-picked. 

Wasabi: -The famous Japanese condiment is pictured here as it is pulled from the soil.

Chickpeas: -While this fuzzy shell looks more akin to a kiwi, these are actually chickpea.

Black pepper: -Most people wouldn't liken this spice to fruit, but it originates from peppercorns, sprouting from vines prior.

Saffron: -The flower itself is called the “saffron crocus,” and it first emerged in Iran, the country.

Pineapples: -You might think pineapples grow on trees like pinecones or apples do.

Pistachios: -Pistachio fruit sprouts from the branches of a tree! It's reported that a single pistachio.

Quinoa: -The amaranth flower is a bright addition to any garden, but these reddish flowers are what surprisingly produce quinoa seeds.

Cinnamon: -This spice is a type of tree bark! Cinnamon trees are usually allowed to mature for a couple of years.

Cocoa beans: -Cocoa beans are produced by Theobroma cacao trees, which thrive in warmer climates.

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