Fascinating facts about dolphins

They take power naps -
Dolphins are unable to breathe underwater, so how do they sleep without drowning? They take 15-20-minute naps!

Pregnancy and motherhood -
Pregnancies last approximately between nine to 17 months and they usually give birth to one calf.

Calves -
Calves are nursed between one to two years, and then usually stay with their mothers for another one to seven years.

They’re very social -
Dolphins have complex social networks. Scientists discovered that they actually make friends with other dolphins.

They communicate through sounds - They use clicks and whistles to communicate with each other underwater.

Their language hasn't been deciphered - Scientists have been studying dolphin vocalizations for a long time, but their language still remains a mystery.

Dolphins respond to their name - They use their unique whistles to call out to one another.

They use echolocation to navigate - Dolphins have their own sonar. This allows them to detect other objects via sound waves.

They don't use their teeth as we do - Dolphins have teeth, but they don't use them to chew food, as we do.

They live in groups -
Dolphins live in groups, called pods. This is how they organize themselves to hunt prey, escape from predators, and even care for sick or injured dolphins.

There are lots of dolphin species - You're probably more familiar with bottlenose dolphins, but there are actually 44 dolphin species.

Porpoises are not dolphins -
They might look alike, but they’re not even from the same family. 

Porpoises are not dolphins -
When compared to dolphins, these small-toothed whales have more triangular dorsal fins and different-looking teeth.

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