Favorite foods of music artists

Prince -
The Purple One's affinity for breakfast food, specifically pancakes, was no secret.

Harry Styles -
Harry Styles has long maintained that there's no food like Mexican food. Tacos, especially, are a surefire winner for Styles.

Katy Perry - Perry says nothing beats a good truffle mushroom, which happens to be the most expensive type of mushroom there is.

Taylor Swift -
In 2016, when Taylor Swift was asked by Vogue what her favorite food was, her answer was quick and simple: chicken tenders.

Beyoncé -
Queen Bey is known to watch what she eats and keeps a healthy diet. Beyoncé usually relishes in a classic comfort food: pizza.

Jimmy Page -
Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is an avid enjoyer of all sorts of Indian food.

Sting -  The rock star stays away from processed foods, and claims to really, truly, enjoy raw vegetables more than anything else.

Selena -
The eternal queen of Tejano music, Selena was never ashamed of her adoration for simple, greasy food; in particular, Pizza Hut pizzas.

Dave Grohl - Dave Grohl has an obsession with an English classic: banger sausages and baked beans.

Bob Marley - The reggae king's favorite dish was a stew consisting of beans, coconut milk, herbs, cauliflower, carrots, and potatoes, served over rice and fried plantains.

Lars Ulrich -
Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich apparently scarfs down 20 oat pancakes a day to give himself enough energy to play shows.

Rihanna -
RiRi has been known to order as many as three pasta dishes at once, just to make sure she gets a taste of all of them!

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