Films that inspired real-life crimes

'Saw' - Jigsaw is a sadistic serial killer who plays torture games with his victims. 

Taxi Driver - This Martin Scorsese classic centers around Travis Bickle, an alienated  vigilante who attempts to murder a politician.

'Scream' - 'Scream' revolutionized the slasher-horror genre. This modern classic did however, inspire a number of copycat murders.

'Queen of the Damned' - Allan Manzies murdered his best friend, drank his blood, and ate parts of his head.

'The Town' - Inspired by the film, a group of New York bank robbers successfully used similar methods when robbing a bank.

'Interview with the Vampire' - Another vampire movie inspired a gruesome crime. This time, it was 'Interview with the Vampire' that influenced a real-life crime.

'A Nightmare On Elm Street' - This 1980s classic slasher movie featuring character Freddy Krueger also inspired a real-life crime. 

'Twilight' - This romantic vampire flick was so successful among teenagers worldwide, that some of them actually believed that vampires were real.

'Natural Born Killers' - A couple of serial killers on the run, committing crimes, having fun, and enjoying media attention. 

'Backdraft' - The movie tells the story of a group of Chicago firefighters and their attempt to catch an arsonist.

'Money Train' - The movie is set in New York City, and centers around a train robbery and a love triangle.

'The Dark Knight' - The second part of Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Trilogy' also inspired a number of crimes. 

'American Psycho' - A handsome New York city professional by day, and brutal murderer by night. This was essentially Patrick Bateman's life in 'American Psycho.'

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