Food parts you really shouldn't be throwing away

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Banana peels: -You've probably been throwing away banana peels all your life, and with that you've tossed out so much tryptophan.

Black bananas: - Even way overripe bananas are salvageable! Freeze them and blend into a smoothie.

Broccoli stalks: -The much-overlooked broccoli stalk contains a phytochemical antioxidant that reportedly has anti-inflammatory properties.

Pineapple core: -Pineapple cores offer anti-inflammatory properties and can ease muscle pain, plus they're also extremely versatile in cooking.

Bits of leftover cheeses: -Give new life to those scraps sitting around in the fridge by combining any hard.

Parmesan cheese rind: -For a richer flavor in your next soup or pasta sauce, toss in a Parmesan cheese rind and pull it out before serving.

Stale bread: -Stale bread is gross, but croutons aren't! It requires very minimal effort and results in maximum soup/salad enjoyment. 

Kiwi skin: -Who knew that hairy skin was edible? It's also really good for you, with vitamin C and fiber. 

Watermelon rind and seeds: -All of us are guilty of overlooking the watermelon rind, but we're missing out on some powerful nutrients and the amino acid citrulline.

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