Foods you might not know are naturally gluten-free

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Salt cod fritters: A traditional bar snack in Portugal, salt cold fritters (bolinhos de bacalhau) are easy to whip up at home. Made with cod, potato, parsley and egg.

Gram-flour falafel: Made from chickpeas, gram flour, and spices, the falafel is a tasty treat that's usually GF. 

Konjac noodles: Not only are these little beauties gluten-free, they're also carb-free and virtually calorie-free.

Wheat flour alternatives: While Western dishes tend to rely heavily on wheat flour, many foods from around the world have incorporated alternative flours long before it.

Homemade fries: Store-bought fries sometimes come with a floury coating that makes them non-GF, but thick-cut, homemade fries.

Rice cakes: The humble rice cake gets a bit of a bad rep, but tasty toppings can elevate it to new foodie heights.

Dosa: This traditional South Indian dish is made with fermented rice and lentil flour, and makes a tasty base for chutneys, spiced potatoes.

Rice noodles: Not quite so innocent on the carbs and calories front, rice noodles are a staple part of many Asian dishes and make a delicious alternative to heavier wheat flour noodles.

Poppadoms: Made with lentil flour, poppadoms (sometimes called poppadums and pappadums, among other spellings) are a staple part of any Indian meal.

Corn cakes: Prepare to become good friends with corn. Look out for corn cakes that have no added ingredients, and you have a super simple.

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