Foods that contain almost no calories

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Tomatoes: -An average-sized tomato contains just 22 calories. They have many antioxidants.

White mushrooms: -White mushrooms are a delicious vegetable that contain only 15 calories per cup (70 grams).

Onions: - Although there are several types of onions, they all contain around the same calorie content. 

Bell peppers: -Bell peppers are very low in calories. One cup of chopped red bell pepper. 

Spinach: -Spinach is very high in vitamin K and vitamin A. It is also high in protein when compared to other leafy vegetables.

Papaya: -Papaya contains about 55 calories per cup (140 grams). It is also a good source of vitamin A and potassium.

Clementines: -Clementines are high in vitamin C, and one fruit  only contains 35 calories.

Carrots: -Carrots contain about 53 calories per cup . They’re also rich in beta-carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A.

Strawberries: -Strawberries are surprisingly low in calories for being such a delicious treat. 

Apples: -A single apple weighing 100 grams will have about 57 calories. It will also contain around three grams of dietary fiber.

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