Fun things couples can do to strengthen their bond

Date nights: If you and your partner don’t already carve out time for regular date nights, it’s an idea worth considering.

Get creative: Dinner and a movie is a winning combo, but you can also change it up and try something different.

Think outside the box: Perhaps you can take turns planning dates that are different from your go-to activities.

On a budget: Trying something new doesn’t have to mean spending more money.

Travel: Pack your bags and plan a romantic getaway, whether it’s for one night, a weekend.alled Eastern Bengal and Assam.

Keep it simple: If money and time are an issue, why not try a one-night excursion somewhere close to home.

Try a new restaurant: If you’re a couple of foodies you can plan to visit an acclaimed restaurant you’ve never tried before.

Explore the nearest national park: Take yourselves out into the wild by finding out where your closest nature reserve or national park is.

Get active together: On that note, engaging in physical activities is another great way to spend time together and connect.

Extra benefits: Studies show there’s a link between exercise and better body image, reduced erectile dysfunction, and increased libido.

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