Funny facts that will brighten your day

Squirrel memory - Squirrels often forget where they buried their nuts, resulting in hundreds of new trees growing every year.

Goat talk - Studies have showed that goats have accents.

Sea horses - Sea horses not only mate for life, they also travel holding each other's tails.

Charlie Chaplin - English actor Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest in San Francisco, which he lost.

Freshen up - Viagra can keep freshly cut flowers looking great for up to a week longer than their usual life span.

Bubbles! - You can't say the word "bubbles" in an angry wa

Nose prints -
Just like human fingerprints, dogs' nose prints are never the same.

Butterflies - Butterflies can actually taste with their tiny feet, as that's where their sensors are.

Fluffy fluffle - A group of bunnies is called a fluffle.

Say cheese! - Rats and mice are ticklish, and even laugh when tickled.

Besties - Cows choose a best friend and spend most of their time together.

Dolphins - Dolphins have different names for each other.

Jedi - In the 2011 census in the Czech Republic, more than 15,000 people said they followed the “Jedi” religion

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