Genius celebrity fashion hacks

Use gaffer tape for extra lift - Kim K made this hack famous with her viral gaffer tape Instagram pic.

CBD oil to relieve any foot pain - Just put the oil on the ball of your foot, your heel, or the tops of your toes. It will act as a numbing agent for any foot pain.

Wear shapewear - Shapewear helps smooth out any problem areas or bumps, and aids any material in slipping on in the most flattering way.

Practice poses ahead of time -
The pose can really make or break a look, as some dresses look better in certain poses than others.

Sometimes it's better to skip nipple covers - Most of the time you can see the lines, especially when photographed under very intense lights. 

Use a hair dryer to remove wrinkles - If you’re dealing with wrinkles and need to quickly smooth them out, use a hair dryer. Just put it on high and use it like a steamer.

Match your undergarments to your skin - Matching your underwear to your skin tone is also super important and can make your outfit look more polished, especially when it's sh

Use a plastic bag to get on difficult boots - Plastic bags are perfect to get boots on, especially knee-high boots. 

Toothpaste buffs any dull leather - Adding a little toothpaste on a kitchen towel and then rubbing it on the leather gives shoes a good clean.

Wear weights on the hems - One trick, used especially by royals, is to sew a small lead weight to the hem of the skirts.

Wear heist pantyhose -
This style of pantyhose fit far better than your average pair and are less likely to slide down.

Use makeup to create a fuller hairline - For some celebs, the hairline also gets red carpet ready. Using makeup on the scalp gives the illusion of a fuller hairline. 

The power of a lint roller -
Lint rollers are the secret weapon for any great outfit. From de-fluffing knits to making a black garment look fresh, this little tool goes a long way. 

Use pantyhose with sticky heels - The smooth material of pantyhose can make it easy for the feet to slide out.

Wear a strapless bra -
Take your time to find the perfect strapless bra that works for you, as they can often fall down or feel too tight.

Tailor everything for a perfect fit - Not only does a well-fitted outfit look better, it will make you feel more comfortable as well. Pay particular attention to hem length and armholes.

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