Gruesome Valentine's Day murders

Oscar Pistorius: Paralympics champion Oscar Pistorius claimed he heard an intruder at home.

Oscar Pistorius: On the other side of the door was not an intruder, but Pistorius' girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Oscar Pistorius: The athlete confessed that he shot the gun that killed his girlfriend.

Oscar Pistorius: But messages recovered from Reeva Steenkamp’s phone revealed that she was afraid of him.

Dr. John Hamilton: On Valentine's Day 2001, surgeon Dr. John Hamilton allegedly arrived home to find his wife beaten to death.

Dr. John Hamilton: Dr. Hamilton's wife was considering divorce after she found out about a potential relationship.

Dr. John Hamilton: Police eventually found traces of blood and flesh in Dr. Hamilton's car and on his sleeve.

Dr. John Hamilton: Strangely enough, Dr. Hamilton ordered a bouquet of red orchids for his wife on Valentine's Day. 

Nathan Leuthold: Baptist missionary Nathan Leuthold was found to have killed his wife on Valentine's Day.

Nathan Leuthold: Police investigators discovered that he Googled ways to kill his wife.

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