Daily habits that might be harming your brain

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Listening to loud music: - Loud music can affect memory and learning, in addition to damaging brain cells. 

Enjoying a smoke: -The nicotine found in cigs damages your brain by restricting blood flow and comprising the flow of glucose and oxygen.

Excessive drinking: -Social life benefits the brain, but one too many happy hours can have a negative effect. 

Sleep deprivation: - Depriving yourself of sleep accelerates the death of brain cells, making you feel tired and irritable.

Sedentary lifestyle: - Lack of exercise can compromise the normal functioning of the brain in the long term. 

Drinking too much coffee: - Caffeine inhibits a neurotransmitter that acts as a natural tranquilizer, causing insomnia.

Slow down on the alcohol: -Alcohol interferes with chemical reactions in the brain.

Skipping breakfast: - You have probably heard the expression, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," right.

Some daily habits can be harming your health: -Everything we do has an impact on our bodies, whether for the short or long term. 

Brain cells: - Several scientific studies have shown that everyday habits can damage our brain cells.

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