Healthy eating habits from around the world

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Portugal: -A big consumer of olive oil, this is also one of Portugal's national food products. 

Greece: -The health benefits of the Mediterranean diets are well known by now. 

Malaysia: -Turmeric is a spice grown in the Malaysian jungles, and packed with curcumin, a natural chemical with fat-fighting properties. 

Sweden: -With the cold Nordic climate, veggies don't play a big role in Swedish cuisine. 

Finland: -In the late '60s, Finland had the highest death rates from coronary heart disease in the world.

Israel: -The Israelis consume a lot of fruit and vegetables every day, favoring citrus fruits in particular. Grapefruits, lemons, limes.

Iceland: -Iceland is considered one of the healthiest countries in the world, thanks to a diet high in fresh fish. 

South Korea:-Incorporate fermented foods like South Koreans. The bacteria in fermented plant products.

Chad: -Like many African countries, Chad is among some of the healthiest countries diet-wise.

Russia: -The Russians usually bake and boil their food instead of frying. 

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