Healthy lifestyle choices all women should make

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Drink more water: - Keeping hydrated is so important. Drinking more water can do wonders for your body.

Find a work out you actually enjoy: - Stop doing stuff you don't feel excited about. Exercise should be fun.

Chill out: - Constant stress is bad for just about everything in your body.

Stand up more: - If you're unable to get a standing desk, just move around during your breaks at work.

Remove your makeup before you go to bed: - No more going to bed with your mascara on and waking up the next day looking like the Joker.

Stay home when you're sick: - We've all been guilty of this and it's time to make our health our number one priority. 

Watch less TV: -We know, we know, Netflix! That's fine, just don't binge on it every day for four hours.

Be careful how you diet: - Extreme weight loss can be very dangerous for your health, so make sure you research the diet before starting, or visit a nutritionist.

Apply sunscreen: - The sun is great, but you can still enjoy it with your skin protected and moisturized.

Meal prep: - Preparing multiple meals in advance will make your life easier, healthier, and you'll save money too.

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