Here how to make a home senior friendly

Appropriate flooring: Appropriate flooring in the kitchen and elsewhere in the house is a top priority.

Need a lift: Not everyone is fortunate to live in one-story accommodation.

Be alarmed: Make sure the home is fitted throughout with smoke/fire alarms. They are designed to save lives, young and old.

Get a grip: Similarly, it's a good idea to add non-slip flooring in the entry way inside the home.

Fill in the cracks: Access to accommodation needs to be smooth and level. Repave and reconstruct approaches—paths, driveways, etc.

Get yourself covered: A covered entryway into the home is always an asset.

Take time out: A bench placed near the front or back door is a good idea, and allows the tired and elderly to relax.

Elevate your position: Essentially, an elevator should serve an apartment building.

Ramp it up: If possible, create a flush-entry with ramps. 

Opt for single story accommodation: The ideal senior-friendly abode should be a single-story accommodation unit. 

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