High-paying jobs that let you travel the world

Interpreter or translator: Interpreters and translators have the advantage of being able to travel around the world as they can use their language skills abroad.

Interpreter or translator:  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2017 median pay for translators and interpreters was US$47,190 per year. 

Meeting planner: Meeting planners have to coordinate events, conventions, and other meetings by arranging everything from food service to location. 

Meeting planner: They may not have the highest-paying job (around US$49,000 a year), but they have other perks, such as getting to travel with all expenses paid. 

Overseas English teacher:  Teaching English abroad is a great opportunity for travel lovers, as it gives them a chance to get to know other countries and cultures.

Overseas English teacher:  Depending on the experience you have, and the country you decide to work in, monthly salaries can go up to US$5,000.

Travel blogger/writer:  Being a travel blogger is the dream for many young people these days. Competition is fierce and although it allows you to travel for a living.

Travel blogger/writer: rofessional bloggers can earn six figures a year! And although the perks don't always come in huge paychecks.

Government diplomat: As with any job, the higher up in the rank, the more you make. According to salary.com, senior diplomats can make over US$100,000 a year.

Cruise ship entertainer: If you're in the entertainment industry and you're passionate about traveling, a great way to combine both is by auditioning to be a cruise ship entertainer.

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