Hilarious foreign travel tips for visiting the US

Americans will eat anywhere (Italy): One Italian blogger warned his readers that Americans will even eat in business meetings.

Americans laugh really loud (Japan): In Japan, women often place their hand over their mouth when they laugh, and it's disgraceful to laugh loudly with an open mouth.

The tap water tastes bad (Austria): Austrians are apparently not fans of American water. 

They think the accents are cute (Britain): British travelers shared that Americans can't tell if their accent is of a posh variety or not.

It's not impressive to drink a large amount (Japan and Britain): In the US, both Japanese and British travelers warn, being able to drink a lot of booze does not give you a sense of superiority.

Avoid half of the country altogether (China):The government of China issued a warning on its website stating that “Overall, the western United States is safer than the eastern portion.

The shower heads are fixed on the wall (France): It's been called an insult to common sense, and others can't believe that the kitchen sink would have a flexible head but not the shower. 

Don't just hang up on Americans (Russia): Russians in the US are also advised not to hang up suddenly, as "Phone etiquette in America usually involves the gradual end of the conversation.

Give the flora and fauna some love (China): This one is a bit of a head-scratcher.

Grind people's knuckles upon meeting (France): The French kiss before and after social encounters, but Americans prefer a firm handshake, which is also a sign of confidence. 

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