Hilarious names of real places in the US

Accident, MD - This Maryland town is probably prone to traffic collisions.

Big Arm, MT - The people in this Montana city must work out a lot.

Chicken, AK - Known for their chicken, this Alaska town made it the official name! It's complete with an extensive amount of chicken statues and art, of course.

Yolo, CA - You only live once in this central California county. 

Virgin, UT - Utah is known for saving sex for marriage...Welcome to Virgin!

Coupon, PA - Obviously everyone in this Pennsylvania town likes a good deal. 

What Cheer, IA - The citizens of this Iowa town sure are happy. 

Fertile, IA - Head to this Iowa town if you are trying to get pregnant.

Santa Claus, AZ - It's Christmas year round at this Arizona location.

Hazard, NE - This Nebraska town does not seem very safe. 

Hell, MI - The road to this Michigan location is paved with good intentions and lots of potholes.

Kickapoo, KS - How could the name of this Kansas location not make you giggle? 

Hippo, KY - Not sure if there are actually any hippos in this oddly named Kentucky town, but it would certainly make things interesting.

Los Baños, CA - Spanish for "the toilet," whoever named this California town obviously didn't like it very much. 

Whynot, NC - Want to go to North Carolina? Whynot?

Pigeon, MI - This Michigan town wanted to honor their birds. 

Pie Town, NM -
There's nowhere sweeter than than this New Mexico location.

Oatmeal, TX - Breakfast is surely the most important meal of the day in this Texas town. 

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