Hilarious names of real places in the US

Accident MD: This Maryland town is probably prone to traffic collisions.

Big Arm MT: The people in this Montana city must work out a lot.

Chicken AK: Known for their chicken, this Alaska town made it the official name. It's complete with an extensive amount of chicken statues and art, of course.

Coupon PA: Obviously everyone in this Pennsylvania town likes a good deal.

Embarrass MN: This Minnesota town has an embarrassing name.

Dogtown AL: No cats allowed in this Alabama town. 

What Cheer IA: The citizens of this Iowa town sure are happy.

Experiment GA: Georgia is just testing this name out. 

Fertile IA: Head to this Iowa town if you are trying to get pregnant.

Frankenstein MO: Head to this Missouri location to see the famous Frankenstein monster. 

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