A short history of chili and all its famous fixin's

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Nationwide chili parlors: -Chili parlors began to pop up everywhere from San Francisco to New York, all putting their own twist on it.

Bowls of red: -Known as "bowls of red," this first iteration of chili was much simpler than what people may think of now. 

A prisoner's best friend: -Because of chili's simplicity and minimal production costs, it also came to replace gruel as the dish du jour in Texas prisons. 

Plaza de Armas, San Antonio: -Most people agree that the history of chili begins around the Plaza de Armas, or Military Square.

Private dinners: -In the private homes of the locals and the Canary Islanders that surrounded Plaza de Armas.

The "Chili Queens": -Starting around the mid- to late-1800s, the Plaza de Armas, a bustling trading post.

Chili in Chicago: -In 1893, residents of San Antonio took their state's new favorite food to the World's Columbian Exhibition.

The cowboy's choice: -It didn't take long for chili to become a staple in every cowboy's chuckwagon. 

History of chili: -The history that brought us from the raw resources that were found in abundance in the North American.

The best meal for the long haul: -What's more, stocks of chili ingredients could easily be replenished along the trail with naturally growing.

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