History's most important peace treaties

Treaty of Versailles - 1919 -
One of the most important treaties of modern history was signed in Versailles, France, in 1919. 

Paris Peace Treaties - 1947 -
The Paris Peace Treaties of 1947 were the culmination of the Paris Peace Conference talks conducted in 1946 following the end of World War II.

Peace of Westphalia - 1648 -
The Peace of Westphalia, comprised of the Treaty of Münster and the Treaty of Osnabrück, put an end to one of the bloodiest eras of European history.

Peace of Westphalia - 1648 -
The Eighty Years' War, and the overlapping Thirty Years' War, saw the death of around eight million people.

Treaty of Ghent - 1812 -
The War of 1812, waged between Britain and the newly-independent United States, was a pivotal event in the young nation's history.

Treaty of Ghent - 1812 -
The War of 1812 came to an official close with the Treaty of Ghent the same year. 

Treaty of Tordesillas - 1494 -
The Treaty of Tordesillas, a deal brokered between the two imperial superpowers at the time, Portugal and Spain.

Treaty of Utrecht - 1713 -
The War of Spanish Succession threw the vast majority of powers in 18th-century Europe into a frenzy. 

Treaty of Utrecht - 1713 -
The countless opinions of the many dynasties of Europe caused a convoluted war of succession that lasted 13 years. 

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk - 1918 -
Shortly before the official end of World War I, the Russian Empire independently exited the war after the signing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. 

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo - 1848 -
Following the American annexation of Texas in 1845, which was previously a part of Mexico.

Treaty of Portsmouth - 1905 -
The Russo-Japanese War, fought over the contested territory of Manchuria, caused intense unrest within the citizenries of both empires. 

The Treaty of Sevres - 1920 -
The Treaty of Sevres forced the Ottoman Empire to give up virtually all territories that weren't occupied by ethnic Turks.

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