Hollywood scandals that history forgot

Joan Crawford's adult movie - When Joan Crawford was a teenager, long before she hit the big time, she allegedly starred in a short adult movie called 'Velvet Lips.' 

The mysterious death of Paul Bern - Jean Harlow's husband, producer Paul Bern, was believed to have killed himself in their home in 1932.

The 'Hell's Angels' deaths -
Some will remember Howard Hughes as the record-breaking pilot who was played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2004 movie 'The Aviator.'

Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo - A film historian conducted extensive research of the survivng footage and believes that Dietrich did appear in the movie. 

The Mafia killing -
Lana Turner had dangerous taste in men. In 1958, she was dating a known mobster named Johnny Stompanato.

Walt Disney's Nazi friends - It's widely thought that Walt Disney may have been an anti-Semite, although there is little hard evidence to prove it. 

Judy Garland's enforced diet - Judy Garland signed with MGM when she was in her early teens, but the pressure to stay thin and work outrageous hours started immediately. At the age of 14.

Ingrid Bergman's affair -
Ingrid Bergman was a "happily married" and wholesome Hollywood starlett, or so her fans needed to believe to be kept on board. 

The death of Superman -
George Reeves was the original Superman. He died in 1959, and although the official line was that he took his own life, there were rumors of foul play.

Charlie Chaplin's teen brides - Charlie Chaplin married four times in his life. He was 29 for his first marriage and 53 for his last, but his wives stayed pretty much the same age each time... 

Peg Entwistle's tragic end - Peg Entwistle was a young British actress who came to the US to pursue her dream or becoming a star. 

Ted Healy's suspicious death - Ted Healy was a vaudeville performer, comedian, and the creator of The Three Stooges. He died in 1937.

The Spade Cooley murder -
Spade Cooley was an extremely successful country music star who even had his own TV show.

The diet pill culture -
Judy Garland was not the only victim of this toxic management. Debbie Reynolds recalls being sent to a doctor for "vitamin shots" by MGM Studios.

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