Homegrown hounds: American dog breeds

Black and tan coonhound - Ears like long, ink-black, velvet curtains is this breed's endearing characteristic.

Rat terrier - Feisty, funny, and super energetic, the rat terrier loves to tunnel and dig, and will chase after anything that moves.

Alaskan malamute - Similar to other Arctic dog breeds, this intelligent canine needs a task and consistent leadership to avoid being bored.

Boykin spaniel - The cute Boykin spaniel is another breed known for its luscious chocolate brown appearance.

Catahoula leopard dog - Its amazing appearance is enhanced by "cracked glass" or "marbled glass" eyes.

American Staffordshire terrier - Squat, muscular, and extremely agile, the "Staffy" packs a lot punch for such a small dog.

Treeing walker coonhound - Friendly and confident, but very competitive, these guys like nothing better than to follow their noses.

American hairless terrier - A rare breed of dog, this smoothly muscled and active canine also demonstrates grace and elegance.

American bulldog - Despite its imposing appearance, this breed gets along with most people and is a quick learner.

Plott hound - Originally bred for hunting boar, this fearless and implacable hound remains gentle with people.

Chesapeake Bay retriever - A rugged breed, this intensely loyal canine is the most powerful of the retrievers, with a personality to match.

Boston terrier -
Its charming looks and expressive eyes has endeared this breed to dog lovers across the country.

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