Horror stories from disney parks

People keep trying to spread loved ones’ ashes - Surreal as it seems, people spread ashes on rides around the parks, and it’s a recurring problem.

Letting everyone know love is a fairy tale - An employee of Cinderella's Castle reported that a family of four came in for dinner, and about halfway through their meal.

Even when there’s toilets, there’s mess - A custodial employee was cleaning the bathroom when an old lady came in, went into a stall, and peed straight onto the floor.

The lines for the bathroom were too long? - In the Magic Kingdom, a grown man strapped into a ride simply could not hold it in any longer and ,covering the entire ride with his own "accident." 

Parents of the year - Sure, adults want to have fun too, but one couple tied their leashed child to a pole so they could ride Splash Mountain. 

The lettuce was not vegetarian - An employee reported that they once allegedly found a dead rat in a bag of lettuce destined for the salads.

Feeling a little too happy - A cast member was seen touching himself behind a ride in broad daylight. In the spirit of magic, he was fired.

Toddler attack - An angry guest had a bone to pick with an employee, and he decided that the best way to make his point was to throw his toddler at the staff member.

Imposter! - A woman dressed as Snow White roamed belligerently drunk round the park, pretending to be the character by signing autographs and taking pictures with people. 

A particularly thrifty guest - An employee of Fantasyland reported that, on a very hot day, one father refused to pay for a little fan equipped with a spray bottle. 

Makeshift baby changing station - Guests, on several occasions, used tables meant for eating on to change their babies’ dirty diapers, often leaving the soiled material behind.

Lockers are not for live things - An employee once witnessed a guest trying to stuff her dog into a locker so she could go on a ride.

Some are just the worst - A cast member saw a grown man in front of his family shove a pregnant cast member against a wall because she wouldn’t let him cut in line. 

The saddest place on earth - A man was found dead in his park hotel room. The costumed characters had an impromptu meet-and-greet to divert attention from the room as police arrived.

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